The Makeup Table Is Rotated At 360 Degrees, 7 Layers Can Be Adjusted, Different Types Of Cosmetics, Different Types Of Cosmetics, Multi-Functional Large Storage Platforms, And Lipstick Perfume Are Us

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With the 360 ° rotation design and the stable base of the table top, not only can the cosmetics stay in place when the table rotates, but also can quickly and easily search for cosmetics. This large capacity 17.3x11.2x13.4 inch can easily solve the problem that you don't have enough cosmetics to store. When you stack many cosmetics on the table, not only can't be easily found when you need them, but also look so bad. Using this storage can help you solve these problems, make your vanity look neat and beautiful, design clear and transparent, and match with any colors. The storage box can flexibly adjust the tray height according to your cosmetics height, and accept all your cosmetics. Make your own make-up box and adjust the height according to your preference. And the whole installation is convenient and fast.

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