5W 30 Lamp Bead Manually Adjust UV Portable Household Anti-Mite USB Charging Portable Mobile Room Violet Light Disinfection Sterilization Lamp ZC001312

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Thank you for visiting our site! We are glad to give you a recommendation of this disinfection lamp. The special lampshade design allows the lamp tube to be partially exposed, which has greater sterilizing power and is also convenient for wiping the lamp tube. Various uses, toilet disinfection, baby underwear disinfection,  Flu virus , disinfection, mould, mites,cyanobacterla,peculiar smell ect.. Base is rotation angle switch,Oosen the base nut to adiust the working light illumination ang.  Vilet light is strong,so please wear gloves,masks and anti-uv goggles when using. Wanna place an order here? No more hesitation!

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