Leadzm Acrylic Removable Sneeze Guard, Clear Freestanding Protective Shield, Barrier Against Virus Spread Board, Desk Divider (23.6" x 23.6" x0.24")

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ACRYLIC PROTECTIVE PLEXIGLASS SHIELD - Sneeze guard for shielding yourself from airborne contaminants. It can be used wherever there is a need to limit contact with third parties - in office, school, shops, banks, grocery stores, reception desks or pharmacies
EFFECTIVELY ISOLARE INFECTIONS: Help protect your favorite people, colleagues, and partners around you! Reduce the chance of people coughing, sneezing and spraying water droplets from their noses or mouths. Help the people to fight against this epidemic and protect you and me
MULTI-PURPOSE: Light and easy to store, easy to install. It is convenient to add more acrylic plates later

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