200mg Ozone Generator Disinfection Car Air Purifiers Bacteria Kill Air Sterilizer Cleaner

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Do you want your car in a fresh and clean environment? Try our Air Purifiers. It can quickly generate ozone to disinfect your car air kill the bacteria and provide you a completely comfortable car environment. Also it can suitable for indoor air disinfection, such as your home, company etc. 


  • Quickly generate ozone for a highly disinfection work.

  • Suitable for indoor air, car air ozone disinfection, which can kill the bacteria and provide you a completely comfortable environment.

  • Keep in fresh air, create more healthy living and working environment.

  • Remove odor in the car, such as second-hand smoke, etc

  • Ozone disinfection process without secondary pollution, no dead ends, no chemical reagents.

Input voltage: DC12V(Smoke Lighter)
Ozone Density: 200mg/H
Work Current: 350-420mA
Power: 6w
Generator Size: approx. 6.4 * 3cm / 2.5 * 1.2inch
Package Weight: approx. 96g
Item Type: Air Purifiers

Package Included:
1 x Ozone Generator with Ceramics plate
1 x Power Cord

1.While doing ozone disinfection work, please leave the site staff In case of gas poisoning.
2.Please stop about 5-10 minutes for second usage.
3.DC ozone generator connect red input line "+12",black input line "-12v".
4.The ozone generator don't overworking 30 minutes continously in avoid of its fired working.


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